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Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

Welcome to my Carrick Bend Advisors LLC blog/journal.  I think one of the benefits I offer my clients is that I work to get all of their investments coordinated and following a well thought out cohesive strategy.  Assets are centralized, redundant accounts are closed and all investments are viewed in an overall portfolio context.  While the problem is complex, the answer becomes clearer with simplification.

Taking this logic into our daily lives, I have some suggestions of what you can do to simplify your daily life and to help manage much of the unsolicited clutter that incessantly bombards us.

Get rid of mail order catalogs – www.catalogchoice.org
Sign up for a free account which allows you to opt out of mail order catalogs.  I have done this religiously over the past few years and it has really worked.  It has not hindered the few catalogs I do like mailed to my home.

Prevent unsolicited credit card and insurance offerings – www.optoutprescreen.com
Sponsored by the four major credit rating agencies, consumers are allowed to opt out for credit card and insurance solicitations for  5 years or permanently.  Your shredder will thank you.

Decrease unsolicited telemarketing – www.donotcall.gov
Managed by the Federal Trade Commission.  Enter your home, cell and office phone numbers.  Charitable organizations and political groups are exempt as well as businesses which you have purchased from during the past 18 months.  Still very much worth the effort.