My Motivation

I created Carrick Bend Advisors LLC in 2004, with the objective of putting my client’s investment needs first. Years of experience with institutional investment firms have equipped me with a broad array of asset management competencies, and the desire to personally oversee the financial needs of my clients.

With the deliberate intention to liberate my select clientele from the burdens of organizational mediocrity, I developed a well researched, rigorous, and disciplined asset management and financial planning model that continues to evolve. It is very important to me that I build solid working relationships with each of my clients, and develop a lasting trust that results in their financial success.


Our Firm

Carrick Bend Advisors is a Bay Area registered investment advisory (RIA) firm located in Santa Rosa, California that specializes in fee-only, comprehensive portfolio and wealth management services. »

Our Process

Carrick Bend Advisors’ investment policy focuses on achieving a client’s desired financial goals. The distinguishing characteristics are asset allocation, diversification, tax and cost efficiency, and prudent investment standards. »

Your Goals

Carrick Bend Advisors LLC specializes in comprehensive portfolio and wealth management. Our comprehensive wealth planning includes a current assessment of where you stand financially. »